Art Museum in a Village
Do you believe that village houses can turn into art galleries?

A group of passionate young people decorated Tainan village houses into artistic showcasing venue.  Brown bricks buildings transformed into an entire museum! The little kids here are going to bring you for that adventure. Are you ready? 

你相信農村也可以變美術館嗎 ?

Temple Painter 
This programme follows the temple painter in Taiwan and he maintains the art in temples, goalkeeper, monuments painting, the God of Wealth map, Buddha statues, road painting, dragon and phoenix auspicious paintings, portraits, flowers and birds, landscapes and so on. Look into the story of the painter who continues the art and history of Temples. 



The Last Trumpet

Great departure for La Batook !

The Brazilian percussion orchestra flews to Burkina Faso to present their show, "Circulons". In the streets of Ouagadougou as in the surrounding villages , the group carries a crowd of gawking spectators in his wanderings. As the Burkinabe Musicians and dancers are quick to join the procession, Africa gradually unfolds. The street drumming group stops at "The Last Trumpet", where young students of the music school show a disconcerting ease during initiation workshops. The journey then ends with a big concert , which brings together onstage La Batook and the school teachers andband members Kalyanga. At the border between video and documentary, Baraka Flims take this little epic journey to immerse ourselves in the heart of the "land of honest people".